About Pharmacy Specialists

As a specialty pharmacy, we not only specialize in the administration of specific medications, we work to educate patients, and collaborate with them regarding care. Our dedicated, multidisciplinary team puts your patients' well-being as its number one priority. In addition, our thorough understanding of the patients and communities we serve makes us the ideal partners for treating patients with complex health conditions.

Full Patient Care Management Prevention, management and treatment are at the very core of our business, and we aim to deliver cost-effective, high quality outcomes for chronic conditions.

Pharmacy Specialists work at all levels of the healthcare system to provide therapy management solutions for patients with chronic and complex illnesses.

We focus entirely on specialty pharmaceuticals that demand close cooperation between physicians, patients, insurers, pharmacies, and manufacturers. They sometimes demand special solutions for the patient. Our role is so much more than just dispensing medication. We are an equal partner with each stakeholder in the process. From making sure the patient gets the correct prescription and understands completely how to take it, to working with insurers and manufacturers to help the patient pay for it, we are involved in every step along the way.

Therapies for Complex Illnesses

Therapy management solutions for illnesses, including but not limited to: