About Pharmacy Specialists

At Pharmacy Specialists, we value our patient relationships and make it our priority to offer the very best service possible.

Our Patient Benefits

We strive to optimize treatment outcomes for chronic conditions. Our specialty team helps patients manage their treatments with a patient-centered approach that provides:
– 24-hour / 7-days a week access to a pharmacist to answer your questions
– Supportive solutions for patient co-pay and out-of-pocket expenses
– Insurance benefit verification to identify insurance coverage and potential funding needs
– Prior authorization handling – for new starts and reauthorizations, to ensure continuity of care and avoid interruptions of therapy
– Pharmacist to educate and monitor treatment
– Expedient and convenient same-day delivery

24 / 7 Clinical Support

Our specialty-trained pharmacists and clinicians are available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you manage critical aspects of your care, no matter what time of day/night questions arise.

Financial and Co-pay Assistance

Sometimes, through the course of benefit investigation, we find that a patient won’t be able to meet his or her co-pay requirements. In these cases, we pursue copay assistance — finding and helping patients apply for grants from charitable organizations and other sources. Through this work, we’re ensuring that patients can pay for their treatment and continue to maintain their standard of living.

Pharmacy Specialists’ reimbursement experts can assist you with financial hardship situations by providing:
– Access to private foundations for co-pay assistance
– Funding options for uninsured patients through pharmaceutical programs
– Information for local, state and federal programs

Prior Authorization Management

We work with payers, providers and patients to implement, monitor and streamline the prior authorization process in achieving the shortest turnaround process possible.

Expedient and Convenient Delivery

Pharmacy Specialist will deliver to your preferred location—home, office, or clinic in timely manner—as appropriate for administration and insurance guidelines.

Chronic Illness & Disease Management

To learn more about managing your therapy and treatment, please refer to the links below:

Financial Assistance

Pharmacy Specialists' reimbursement experts can assist you with financial hardship situations. Download the Financial Assistance Form.

Patient Survey

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