Improving Patient Care Together

We are your partner in healthcare, a partner that will put your patients’ well-being as our number one priority. Our thorough understanding of the patients and communities we serve, coupled with our staff’s unparalleled professionalism, make us the ideal partners for treating patients with complex health conditions.

Rapid Insurance Verification & Prior Authorizations

Nothing is more important than assuring that patients receive their products as soon as possible. Pharmacy Specialists recognizes this pressing need and will work with insurance carriers to expedite verification of benefits in a timely manner. Our expert Clinical Care Staff will notify you of their findings immediately, thus preventing delays in the onset of your therapy.

Easy Patient Referral & Order Process

Complete the form and fax it to 734-744-4837. Processing begins immediately and you will receive a status form via fax

If we are unable to process the prescription, we will forward it directly to the appropriate pharmacy. Every month thereafter the patient will receive a follow-up phone call.

Physician Benefits

    - Provide limited distribution medication for prescribed patients
    - Ensure delivery is sent and received in a proper manner
    - Provide education, instructions and counseling to your patients about prescribed medication
    - Provide adherence and compliance motivation to patients
    - Help avoid and manage potential side effects
    - Help avoid interruptions to patient’s treatment program
    - Help avoid potentially adverse reactions with other medications
    - Ensure patient satisfaction with the treatment delivery
    - Maintain On-Call 24/7 Clinical Pharmacist and Patient Care Staff
    - Assist in providing financial assistance to patients

Referral Forms

Download a patient referral form:

Provider Survey

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